Validity's Natural ID™ fingerprint sensors provide the best solution for replacing complex passwords and PINs, as tablet computers — the fastest growing segment in consumer electronics today — are increasingly finding use in both consumer and enterprise environments.

Validity's patented LiveFlex™ technology platform delivers OEMs the widest array of integration options, ranging from power and home buttons of virtually any shape and size, to Chip-on-Flex (CoF) integration through the glass, bezel, or back side of the tablet.

For design flexibility, Validity supplies products with SPI and USB interfaces. Security and encryption levels range from full-encryption for enterprise-class devices to Secure Match™ and One-Time Passwords for consumer devices.

Validity provides a full suite of development tools for both Windows™ and Android, speeding up time to market for OEMs and ODMs wishing to incorporate Natural ID into their designs.

Our roadmap is expanding in 2013 to include yet higher integration supporting new modes of highly-secure operation. Contact your local representative for more details about Validity's Tablet solutions.

The time is now for Natural ID